About Us

I’m so glad that you have found us, thank you for stopping by... My journey to create this company was mostly accidental. From Russia to Los Angeles in the 80’s, from Pasadena to School of Visual Arts in the 90’s, from a little design firm in the East Village in the 00’s to creating Offensive+Delightful in 2005. I have been doing O+D since 2003, when I first created a bunch of “Fuck You” cards for a small street fair in NYC (10th street in the East Village) There have been a lot of ups and downs, but now I have found new inspiration in the terrible political climate, and hopefully you will find something here that will make you laugh. I am a single mom, and this company supports me, my son, and our faithful dog, gigi. Whatever the occasion, I hope you’re laughing, and I hope that you are happy.